Writing a LegacyDepending upon what stage you are at with your manuscript, there’ll come a point where decisions have to be made if you are wanting to publish your work.

On my last blog, #CloudsandDirt I questioned the need for an agent for my books. Having tried for a considerable amount of time to secure one and been unsuccessful, I’ve come to the decision that I don’t and I’ll blog about this shortly in more specific terms.

But what I do need is an editor.

Whilst completing an MA in Creative Writing @LeedsTrinity I’ve been work-shopping on Book Two of Hannah’s trilogy The Earth Chronicles – Gaia’s Revenge.

Hmm, why Book Two you ask?

Well, there was a time when I believed Book One Hannah and the Hollow Tree was going to be published having secured an offer from a local Indie publisher. So, naturally, I expected to work with their editor. However, when this didn’t happen, I was well into work-shopping Gaia’s Revenge and didn’t want to switch focuses especially as that material forms the foundation of my dissertation.

Having worked tireless for a very, very long time on Hannah and the Hollow Tree I tried once more to secure an agent, but alas…

I knew at this point I needed help and had the self-awareness to admit that.

I decided that, whilst continuing to put to good use all the knowledge and skill-development I have ascertained during the MA, particularly during the vital work-shopping sessions, it would be a failure on my part not to secure an editor.

Make no mistake, this is an investment because my aim is to be a successful author, particularly of novels for a middle-grade/YA audience. I love writing. I love being creative with characters. I enjoy world building. So, in order to ensure that when publishing day arrives, my book is the absolute best it can be, I am investing in an editor because I want to have a #legacy.

If you’re an Indy author, the decision to invest in an editor and allow them to become your second pair of glasses, your microscope, your analyst, your microphone, your red-flag bearer, I believe, is crucial because as a writer, we spend so much time with our characters in their lives and their worlds, we don’t always notice the elms and oaks when we’re stood in the middle of the wood.

I have been incredible fortunate to ‘know someone who knows someone’ and am currently in the early acquisition stages of securing an editor. Without this fortuitous link, I would be scouring the Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book, Writing Magazine or the internet in order to find the right editor for me. I would look at their reviews, who they have edited, their genre-specific experience and yes, their fees. There are an abundance of people out there who offer editorial services and want nothing more than for you to invest in them as an editor. But, the way I look at it is, as an Indy author, I am investing in myself, my writing, my story, my success.

So, if you do decide to go the #cloudsanddirt route and opt to be an independent author sans agent, then do your research because that investment of time in finding the right editor will be golden.

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