Rejections are hard. As writers, we get them. Some more than others. It goes with the territory of being a writer.  Receiving those letters or emails that say…

“Thanks, but its not for us. Good luck placing your work elsewhere.”


“We really enjoyed reading your chapters, but the timing isn’t right for us.”

or, worse…


Often, we writers take this rejection as criticism of our work, and let’s face it, it’s hard to hear.

Think about it. If we were doctors, teachers, retail managers, guest assistants, public or private sector, then when it came to appraisal time, we would sit down with our boss and be told what we are good at and what needs work – what our “areas for development” were to coin a phrase.

Those rejections can make you feel like you’ve contracted “imposter syndrome”, which is what #LouSolomon talks about here – that sense that you’re not good enough.  If you have 21 minutes, have a listen…see what you think…maybe it will help you, too.


This last twelve months, for me, having received many rejections for #HannahandtheHollowTree and one “yes-no-but-no-ah-crap”  have been difficult because writing runs in me, my characters never stop talking to me and I keep trying to breathe life into them – it is my #calling – I want to make this passion of mine into a career because it is my calling, my dream, my love. And I cannot give it up.

Now, I refuse to sit on the rejected pile. I refuse to feel like an imposter. I refuse to believe I am not good enough, and neither should you.

There really is only one way to go, now and that is #indie and more and more people are joining this community and this community of independents and self-published authors is becoming a movement and soon, rejection piles with scatter in the wind…

We are writers. And, dammit, we are good enough.

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