Ever look at other people and ask yourself, “How do they do it?” Well, I stopped looking at other people and decided to look at myself. So, “How do I do it?”

We all have busy lives. Is it me, or does the world seem to spin faster these days? I’m half expecting Gaia to chuck us all off one day. Maybe she should.

In asking myself this question, I had to think about what the “it” was. A dear friend of mine always reminds me that our lives are like a huge pie (lemon meringue, if you please) and that we have to slice our lives into all relevant categories that apply to us. Lordy, I sound like something from an Amazon algorithm! But she is right. Some of my categories are daughter, wife, sister, aunt, goddaughter, godmother, friend, author, teacher, businesswoman, runner, reader, to name a few.

Some days, in fact, make that, some months, it is hard to be anything other than just a couple of these. I don’t know about you, but for me, it can leave me wracked with guilt when deadlines are due or the stack of marking feels like a scaling of Mt. Snowdon. Equally, spending much needed time with loved ones, whilst knowing that work that should have been done has been left in order that it’s possible to swallow the family or friend slice of the pie.

I think perhaps the only answer we can give ourselves is to keep rotating the plate and maybe take slithers of pieces as often as possible. And somehow, allow ourselves to let go of the guilt, which I know is easier said than done.

I have certainly been feeling dizzy by the spin of the plate lately as I finished a dissertation, prepared for a new academic year and prepared myself for a business and book launch. But what I know for sure is that although the plate is spinning quickly, eventually something will have to slip off or put another way, I’ll have to consider binning a piece of the pie that no longer fulfils me in order to allow me to consume and digest other, more important pieces of the piece which not only fulfil me, but sustain and nourish me body and soul.

So I think its important to remember, as my friend says, ‘No-one can eat a whole pie in one sitting.’

And she’s right.

So saviour it.

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