For over ten years, Hannah has existed as nothing more than words on a page. But now, she has leapt from those pages in full colour and full of potential.

When I started writing Hannah, she was much younger, a slip of a girl, aged eight. But as I grew as a writer, so she grew. As her actions and voice matured, so did she and I found that things I thought she would do and say, emotions she would experience, pain and love she would feel changed too. We all know the ‘teen’ years are challenging, no matter which generation you are born into. cropped-JNB1280-HANNAH-BOX-PIC-FOR-STICKERS-2

In writing Hannah, a modern, fairly articulate teenager, I really wanted to push her and therefore push myself emotionally to really show the potential that she has within her. I believe that our young people today are full of potential and should be given the opportunity, encouragement and support to fulfil their own dreams and ambitions.

It isn’t easy chasing your dreams. It’s really, really hard work. But, if you are passionate about something and are willing to work hard to achieve, well, the sky’s the limit as they say.

I do hope that whoever reads Hannah & the Hollow Tree can recognise something of themselves in her. Her parental battles, her inner conflict when loyalties are tested and her own belief system of what it means to be who she is destined to become, never mind the expectations which rest upon her shoulders. These are things we all experience.

I hope you enjoy reading about Hannah realising her potential and I hope that you have or someday will fulfil yours. It may take time. It certainly did for me, but I never gave up believing. You see, potential lies within us all. And nothing can ever erase that.


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