Here they come!

The first book reviews of Hannah and the Hollow Tree have been landing in my inbox and here are a few…

The main character Hannah is bubbly, loyal, and fun but wary of new things. Her Mum is suspicious of everyone but loving and caring. Together they make a journey in a storm to her Gran’s care home, but when they get hit by someone or something that leaves deep indents etched into their car they begin to panic. Seeing a pack of endangered silver foxes adds to their concern. After arriving at the care home and finding out Hannah’s heritage, they cling together all the more. When it becomes apparent that Hannah has to leave they rely on each in their last moments together, perhaps forever…

Full of suspense and straight into the action this prologue is thrilling enough to send tingling shivers down your spine. A love/hate story about a broken family – will they make it or break it? A hidden story between the lines. With real connections, problems we all face and simple truths this book is one to warm the heart. As well as references to real life places a tense atmosphere creates the illusion of being there in person. Real emotions that we could all relate to and the perfect mix of fantasy and reality. This book has it all from alternate chapters expressing different characters point of view to sci-fi and futuristic skills this is the stairway to the future. Perfect for key stage 2 and above, boys and girls alike, this unisex book has all the potential of being a best seller. Move over Shakespeare, J.A. Browne is in town and she’s ready for business! Inexplicable power and emotion run through this book thickly. I would recommend this book to all who want love, magic and adventure. It is the perfect bedtime story.

“Bookworm” Susie, aged 10


I’m absolutely loving this book, and not just because it is named after me. It makes me smile when I see little insights of my grandma in there. Memories brought to life.

Hannah, aged 15

My niece


It’s beautifully written. I’m hooked!

Sharon, Huddersfield


I really love how some chapters introduce you to new characters who are telling that part of the story themselves. It makes me not want to stop reading.

Tia , aged 10




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