For almost two years now, I have followed a plant-based diet pretty much completely. I’m not perfect! I still eat eggs. This year, I want to make even bigger changes to my lifestyle to ensure I am personally limiting my carbon footprint and direct impact on the climate because it is something that matters to me greatly.

So, in 2020 I have decided that I want to discover and switch to a range of beauty and homecare/household products which are ethical, sustainable, vegan or veggie, plant-based, palm-oil free and animal friendly. I want to ensure that I personally move away from as much single-use plastic in my every day life as I can possibly do.

Got a must-have product that you want to recommend? Or, are you a small business brand owner with products that match my mission and you think I’ll love? I’m all ears!

Use my contact page to drop me a line with your links and recommendations and why you think I’d love to add these to my 2020 Naturally Me list.

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