Er, actually, I’m not exactly an Avenger. I’m an author. And it’s just me. So can I assemble if there’s only one of us? Hmm…

Last week, I posted about Coronavirus and the Curriculum offering tips to parents/guardians who were suddenly faced with the task of home-schooling and being asked to facilitate things which under normal circumstances a teacher would do, having been trained for years in.

It’s okay if you’re child isn’t running to a class timetable, although they may still love to create one.

It’s okay if some days are pyjama days. I’ve definitely had a fair few of those. The only question I answered on those days was “When do I change from my day pyjamas to my night ones?”

It’s okay if every scrap of school work set by your child’s teacher isn’t complete on time. But I would say, remember your child’s teacher may well be sat at home (probably in their pyjamas too) working hard to find work to set with the expectation it will be completed.

It’s a balancing act, right?

In modern times, this is unprecedented. But we do have the power of tech to stay connected, which wasn’t something available during the World Wars.

Something that has been part of every child’s school week is an assembly. They’d line up with their teachers and file down to the hall and wait to see if they’d won the coveted ‘Star of the Week‘ prize. Now, I can’t offer that, and as a visiting author to a school, it wouldn’t be part of my remit, but what I can offer is an Author Assembly.

It’s my way of doing my bit to help out. We don’t know when the schools will re-open, but we hope that things would be back on a school-schedule by September at least.

So, once you’ve recovered from PE with Joe Wicks, tune in to my Facebook Live Event this Friday 3rd April at 10.30am GMT.

Like and follow my FB page HERE to keep up to date with all the details.

I’ll be doing a ‘meet the author’ and a little reading from Hannah and the Hollow Tree, and then, helping children to create a story character they can write about, as well as sharing resources on Friday morning here on my website, absolutely FREE! I’ve spent a long time working on them, and hope that if children can get something out of them and get excited about story writing, then I’ll delighted with that. During the Author Assembly, I’ll be asking questions, looking for comments and ideas to be shared by posting and answering any questions. I hope to make it as interactive as possible!

I do hope you can join me!

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