Being both an author and a teacher, I can appreciate how each of these roles intertwine. I’m always wearing one hat or the other.

When I launched Hannah and the Hollow Tree, Book One in The Earth Chronicles series, the teacher side of me was itching to produce a guided reading package to support teachers who wished to use it as part of their whole-class or group guided reading sessions.

The launch of the guided reading series was meant to include visits to schools for those who signed up, but sadly due to the pandemic, that isn’t possible. But, I didn’t want schools to miss out because when we return guided reading sessions will resume and resources will be needed.

And having something fresh, a new class novel or a new guided reading text to share is always a good thing.

So here it is. If you, as a teacher or even a home-schooling parent order a paperback copy direct from me, you’ll be given access to my full guided reading support package absolutely FREE.

Click here to find out more.

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