It’s finally here!

I’m absolutely delighted to be able to bring you The Browne Leaf Book Club. It’s an online book community for children to talk about their favourite books and make recommendations in a safe space online.

This is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while now.


Once again, I have been saddened by the news that children reading for pleasure is, year-on-year on the decline as recently reported by The National Literacy Trust.

As a children’s author, I feel strongly that it’s my duty to help spark excitement about reading and help children develop good reading habits that become life-long habits. Having been a teacher for 12 years has meant that I have been able to share many stories over the years with each class I have taught, but as an author, I want to be able to offer that “story time” experience to a wider group of children.

Due to the pandemic, millions of children are not in school and authors cannot visit children and share their stories and their passion for books and writing.

I hope that by launching my Book Club now, children can still feel part of a community in some little way.

Books are places children can go to feel safe. In a very uncertain world right now, their emotional safety is just as important as their physical safety. Children have the right to escape, to dream, to wonder – it is something that should be encouraged. So here I am, encouraging…

You can sign up to The Browne Leaf Book Club by subscribing to my newsletter or via my Facebook page.

I have very strict rules about participation and permission to ensure children stay safe online. Failure to adhere to group rules will result in removal.

For all parents/guardians peace of mind, I hold a full, up to date Enhanced DBS.

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