Last year, I became a TreeSister because I wanted to support the reforestation of our planet. So, I made a couple of small donations. Soon, however, I realised it wasn’t enough.

I must do better, I said to myself.

I have to do better. I have to do more. I could become a Green councillor or donate to as many different green charities as possible or create a YouTube channel all about green issues. The list went on and on of things I could do.

When More Is Less

But doing “more” wasn’t an option. I had to think smarter about ensuring my business was ethical and sustainable and that I was a creative helping to drive solutions to the climate crisis at the same time enabling my author career to grow.

More Trees Please

I was already a TreeSister. I just hadn’t appreciated the difference I could make for myself, my business, and, importantly, my readers by taking that crucial next small step. I didn’t need to leap.

My Pledge

To find out how I will achieve my ambition to be a fully ethical and sustainable small business owner, head over to my brand new dedicated TreeSisters page where I explain my decision to help you, my lovely readers, plant a tree for free!

Fancy being a TreeSister?

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