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Welcome to my website, the home of The Earth Chronicles.

I’m a Yorkshire girl. Born in Pudsey (a place famous for its Bear!) and named after my late mother Brenda’s favourite Tudor Queen (“But which?” you ask)! I followed in her footsteps and developed a love of literature, history, animals and the outdoors.

The environment and our natural world is something I’m passionate about, but being a busy teacher and writer, all too often I don’t get out into it enough! I love trees and have learned so much about them whilst working on The Earth Chronicles series. I’m a proud member of the Woodland Trust and The Green Party. Climate change is the defining issue of our time and I want to do my part in raising awareness, especially because the young people of this world need the older generations to take responsibility and save this most precious planet of ours.

Last year, I graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Leeds Trinity University, where I developed the second book in the Earth Chronicles series, Gaia’s Revenge – out now in paperback!

Two Books!

The trilogy will then be completed with the concluding part Hollow’s End in 2020.

I’m very excited about launching my Schools Creative Writing Programme designed for primary level children where I hope to spark their imagination and help foster a love of the natural world they are a part of whilst helping budding writers create characters and plot stories they can’t wait to explore.

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