066I love running, especially in wide open spaces and down long winding roads, and run as often as I possibly can. Particularly, as this is when I find inspiration strikes.

Those wide open spaces are the rolling hills of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Born in Pudsey (a place famous for its Bear!) and named after my late mother Brenda’s favourite Tudor Queen (“But which?” you ask), I followed in her footsteps and developed a love of literature, history, animals and the outdoors.

When I am not writing, reading or running, I can be found locked inside a classroom with six and seven-year olds. Naturally, my favourite part of the day is story time. I love nothing more than stepping into character to entertain my classes with stories, especially if those stories are by Roald Dahl, a childhood favourite. I was once accused of being a little too animated and in my delivery of The Grand High Witch, however, after scaring the daylights out of one poor child due to the alarmingly accurate accent and set of expressions!

Whilst studying to become a teacher, I began working on what will become my first children’s novel The Earth Chronicles: Hannah and the Hollow Tree.

It’s been a busy year! As well as finishing my dissertation, launching Hannah & the Hollow Tree in October, I will also graduate with an MA in Creative Writing from Leeds Trinity University, where I developed on the second book in the Earth Chronicles series, Gaia’s Revenge. The trilogy will then be completed with the concluding part Hollow’s End.

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