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Hannah and the Hollow Tree Paperback with Hannah a 13 year old girl and her best friend Alpha a magical fox.
Book One

Hannah and the Hollow Tree

The first book in the epic coming of age fantasy follows thirteen year-old Hannah Walsingham as she unearths the secret that tore her family apart… a destiny that will change the fate of life itself…


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Book Two

Gaia’s Revenge

The emotional, fast-paced second book in The Earth Chronicles series, full of stunning detail and drama follows Hannah and her new best friend, Alpha, a magical fox along with Gran as they journey into another world to protect the Elementals and save Gaia from self-destructing.Buy Now Button for Gaia's Revenge

Hollow's End Part One paperback with Hannah and Alpha the magical fox escaping from a mythical beast and a draconite fighting
Book Three

Hollow’s End Part I

Filled with charming crossover characters from Ffen Tales and with beasts as awesome as they are deadly, book three continues with whopping plot twists! Ones  that will have you on the edge of your seat as Hannah and Alpha journey to forge alliances as the war on nature approaches…

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Book Four

Hollow’s End Part II

The epic climax of Hannah and Alpha’s story will see the two best friends at the epicentre of a war to save the future of Nature and the very existence of life itself.

A battle so fierce, it might just  require the mother of all sacrifices…



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