Welcome to Darran’s page

This page is all about my awesome illustrator, Darran!

All artwork for The Earth Chronicles series is created by Darran – I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Below you can find a link to my interview with him all about illustration and how he got started in the art biz.


Darran is a highly experienced master illustrator, who worked for Peter Jackson on The Lord of the Rings films and created character maquettes at Weta Workshop during this time. He also created concept artwork for The Chronicles of Narnia films as well as illustrating countless children’s books. He is also a book cover designer for adult fiction, so if you’re an indie author looking for a high quality professional, look now further. Darran’s rates are highly competitive within the industry standard.


An absolute must-read for all illustrations fans!

Click to read Part I and Part II of my interview with Darran on life as an illustrator, how he works and who he admires himself.

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