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Now more than ever, children need stories to escape into. During the previous two lockdowns, I began writing my mini-series Ffen TalesThim and the Dozer and A Winter’s Tales knowing full-well, as a former teacher, just what the challenges of home-schooling would be. As a children’s author, it’s important I do my bit to help. Just don’t ask me to do PE lessons!

I hope you and your children enjoy spending time with Thim, Freya and Watton on their ‘ventures in the Easterly Woods of Ffenland.

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Welcome to Ffenland!

A place full of adventure and excitement, especially when you’re about to turn six!

Finally allowed into the Easterly Woods, Thim must pass a series of tests to prove he is forest-ready. With best friends Watton and Freya, he sets off on his adventure. But a storm isn’t the only thing that’s followed them into the woods…