J A Browne

Hollow’s End Part I

The Earth Chronicles Hollow's End Part I paperback and hardback

With dark forces uniting against Gaia and the ancestral bloodline, worlds on the brinks of a climate war and her own mother still missing, Hannah must face her biggest challenge yet.

As the weight of expectation upon her grows, Hannah and her best friend Alpha journey further into the Northern Realm to seek alliances and search for answers. But with her mother – known as the Abandoner – being hunted, Hannah realises she is running out of time…

Hollow’s End Part I – Book Three in The Earth Chronicles will keep you on the edge of your seat. Filled with whopping plot twists, fan favourites and new characters you’ll love or love to hate, J A Browne doesn’t disappoint when it comes to packing an emotional punch as the epic climax approaches.

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