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The Earth Chronicles – Signed Paperbacks Bundle



Save 18% with the 3 Book Paperback Bundle – exclusive for schools.

Hannah is just thirteen-years-old when she discovers her mum, Caroline has been keeping the mother of all secrets. After being reunited with her estranged grandmother, Eleanor, the truth is finally revealed leaving Hannah facing a dangerous destiny she knew nothing of. A destiny that will change the fate of life itself and not just in the human world…

Unearth the magic with Book One, Hannah and the Hollow Tree; Book Two, Gaia’s Revenge (including the novella The Unearthing of Eleanor) and Book Three, Hollow’s End Part I now in stunning hardbacks. Each hardback is signed and comes with a bookmark and limited edition postcard.

Tree Fund: each paperback or hardback sold funds the planting of a tree.

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Weight 1170 g
Dimensions 39 × 21 × 2.5 cm


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