My Pledge

This is how I make a difference, a lasting legacy. I write about trees and I often write on them! So planting them was the only thing missing. Funding trees through the sales of my paperbacks is a no-brainer. And it’s the right thing to do.

J A Browne, Author

Tree Fund Target: 1000 by December 2021

An ambitious target, but restoration of our planet needs ambitious action more than ever.

Feb/March 2021
January 2021
2021 Tree Target
December 2020
November 2020
September/October 2020
Every paperback sold funds a tree

Why TreeSisters?

There are so many incredible charities and organisations out there supporting the urgent reforestation of our planet. So why TreeSisters?

Like a great many people across the world who suffer from eco-anxiety whether it’s all the time or comes in bouts, it can be difficult to talk about. Although a great deal of work is being done across the globe to talk about mental health, some areas like grief or eco-anxiety still seem taboo. Yes, many of us are alarmed by what is happening to our climate, but still not enough of us are changing our individual lifestyles to reflect the level of our alarm. Sometimes, the challenge of the climate crisis would hit me and I’d feel helpless. I counted the hours in the day and all the areas of the climate crisis I worry about and acknowledged that I didn’t have the time to invest in them all, certainly not on any intrinsic level.


Trees are at the heart of my storytelling so I knew deep down that it had to be trees that I supported. But I wanted to do more than what I had been doing so far, like moving to a plant-based diet three years ago and becoming a conscious and ethical consumer, for example, finding alternatives to single-use plastic based products. I’m not there yet, but it has drastically reduced. I shout on social media about the issues and educate myself and support the Green movement, too. My books are all about the battle to save Mother Nature.

Still, I felt like a failure. A fraud.

I knew I could do more. I knew I had to do more.

Children’s reading and female empowerment are issues I am also passionate about. Women are disproportionately affected by climate change. So, when I discovered the work that TreeSisters were doing – a huge “Reforesting [of] the tropics through feminine nature-based leadership.” I joined their cause, made a donation to plant some trees and felt a little better.

But after a while, I still felt like I was failing Gaia. I realised I had to think long term to support the urgent reforestation of our planet.

The Little Things

As a female entrepreneur running a small business, I knew I was in no position to make grand donations (yet!) but what I was in a position to do aligned with what Founder, Clare DuBois advocates:

“We are about to witness the single greatest consumer driven, values-based transformation of business ever seen: A new norm of social and ecological awareness, care and regeneration embedded into everything in order to fulfil public need to become part of the solution.” 

Clare Dubois, Founder & CEO, TreeSisters 

Read that again…

Circular Economy

Consumerism is killing the planet. Literally, burning it down. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can adapt our ways and progress to a circular economy. People look to creatives for solutions or create solutions themselves. There is a wave of green business out there starting to flourish because people want to consume ethically and sustainably.

“But, Jane, you want people to buy your books.”

I knew I had to address this because people are not going to stop buying books, even if they have an eReader, people still cherish a physical book. And, I’ll be honest, I want people to buy and enjoy my books, to acknowledge the message within that we have to do everything we can to stop the destruction of Mother Nature – Gaia.