The Earth Chronicles

“A phenomenal book for all ages.”

“The parallels between the fictional world of Hannah and our world are thought provoking.”

“But it’s not just humanity’s misfortune, is it? It’s all of Gaian too. Never mind the millions of species that inhabit our worlds,” says Althea balling her fist. She turns away and stares out across the valley. A wave of shame crashes over me. For the first time ever, I hate the fact that I am human.

Chapter Sixteen, Sugar & Water

In Hannah and the Hollow Tree, a single phone call in the night led Hannah into a world she could not have imagined…

In Gaia’s Revenge, she must not only learn about this world but also about her responsibilities within it. This tense, time-shifting adventure through the fantastic landscape of Gaian, accompanied by silver foxes, gryphons and warrior-witches keeps the reader in suspense as Hannah seeks to find her mother and to save a sickening world. 

The Elemental Guardians

Lilith – Artwork Coming 2021

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