Real emotions we can all relate to and the perfect mix of fantasy and reality.”

Susie, aged 10, Amazon
JNB_Hannah Standing - Outline

Have you ever answered the phone in the middle of the night? Caroline did … and now her daughter’s life is at stake.

Gaia, Mother of all Nature, is dying. Poisoned and polluted. But by whom?  Awoken by a phone call in the middle of the night, Hannah Walsingham and her mum Caroline, rush to the bedside of her estranged grandmother, Eleanor, who has been keeping a secret from her.

Until now, that is.

Hannah, target of mythical assassins and an unknown traitor from Gaia’s ruling High Council, is rushed to the safety of the Hollow Tree after a beastly attack. On the journey, Hannah discovers why she is being targeted and why her mother Caroline is wracked with guilt.

Will Hannah survive long enough to make it to the Hollow Tree?

Can she stop Gaia from dying?

If not, worlds will crumble…