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Hannah and the Hollow Tree (The Earth Chronicles Book One)



The Mother of All Coming-of-Age Fantasy Series…

What would you do if you discovered you were born into the most powerful bloodline in existence? One that was now under threat…

As dark forces rise to erase the most powerful bloodline every known, thirteen-year-old, Hannah Walsingham unearths the secret that tore her family apart. Now burdened with a destiny she knew nothing of, Hannah must save the life of the one they call Gaia… the Mother of All Nature.

With the help of a magical fox called Alpha, Hannah fights for survival facing mythical-like assassins out to end the bloodline.

But, if she can’t stop them and save her family, worlds will crumble…

Unearth the magic with this stunning gloss hardback of Hannah and the Hollow Tree. A perfect series for all ages who love fantasy, girl power and the magic of nature! And with a powerful message on the environment, this epic coming-of-age series is definitely one for all those who love Nature.


The Earth Chronicles is the perfect crossover series from Middle Grade readers to Young Adult. Ideal for fans of Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia and The Girl of Ink & Stars

Praise for Hannah and the Hollow Tree:

“An enchanting and empowering read.”

“An amazing mix of nature and fantasy… Enchanting.”

“A wonderfully imaginative adventure from an original new voice in children’s fantasy.” – Martyn Bedford, Award-winning novelist


Buying direct means your support is going direct to the author.

Moreover, your purchase will fund a tree. For each paperback or hardback, a tree is funded via Jane’s partnership with Treesisters. This means The Earth Chronicles can leave a lasting legacy for a planet positive future. So, thank you. Every page matters.

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